Build Confidence for Self Improvement

Build Confidence for Self Improvement!


Building Confidence is the best way to Self Improvement. When you feel great about yourself it brings joy to your soul. It makes a lot of life situations better. It brings character, charisma, and control of your days.

When you look in the mirror and love who you see, its a great feeling. I have a person who can help build your confidence in every area of life. By just resetting the mental consciousness of the mind.


He is a author, motivational speaker, life coach and his name is Bob Proctor. He has been helping others realize their highest potential for over 50 years.

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The Science of Getting Rich event is January 15-17, and it already sold out weeks ago. But the good news is you can stream it online from your laptop, phone, tablet or any other device.

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Also the 3 day event will stream 7 days after the event. So you have a whole week to watch it as much as you want. The information is so informative its awesome to have for an extra week.

 Push for Self Improvement

The event is $147 and the information learned at these events are absolutely mind blowing. The cost is really a small fee compared to the information that you receive.

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Bob Proctor basically explains how the mind works against our dreams. Its a paradigm that holds us back from doing the things we really want.

Once we make a decision to change something in our life, our paradigm destroys the thought. As an example if going to the gym is a new goal to achieve. The paradigm is the little voice in the mind that talks you out of going to the gym.

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Some excuse we come to the mind, like, “I’ll go tomorrow” or “I did work out yesterday.” Any thought will come to discourage you trying to go to the gym.

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Its a natural mental conversation that everyone goes through. But with awareness its easier to defeat the paradigm in the mind. Before knowing this it probably wasn’t a big deal.

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After realizing the mental conversations in your consciousness. You can remember all of the times you wanted to change in some way and thoughts of fear came to mind. The fear was the paradigms way of making you stop doing what you wanted.

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It may sound confusing but if you want to change your result and build confidence. This program will shift the mind to create the goals that you want.

Please click the link below for more information on Building Confidence and shifting the paradigm in the mind.

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Thanks again for reading my article, have a Super Fantastic Day!!!!!

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2016 New Years Resolution


Hello, I want to really come from the heart with this post. Its the beginning of this beautiful year of 2016. Everyone is making new year resolutions to become better.

Can you all please allow me to introduce myself? Well my name is Latitia Almyty! Of course this name isn’t my birth name. But once I realized I am more than I perceive myself to be, I changed my name.

But before my name change, I changed the way I viewed the world. Shortly after this progress, my whole outlook on everything shifted. I became more aware of how our beautiful universe operates.

Also I realized how simple and harmonic all things are. The oceans, insects, humans, nature, stars, organs, animal and plant kingdoms, all that surrounds us is connected very rhythmically.

The knowledge that backs up all of this is so simply taught, after learning the lessons I was surprised I never heard this information before.

Once I applied these universal lessons into my life, I transformed immediately for the better. It was noticeable that I was a continuously changed woman.

Build Confidence in yourself for 2016

Well I got something for you if your willing to change. Its a life coaching program. I’ve been using it since 2007. Ever since I watched the Secret, I’ve become different.

The teachers are amazing in this documentary.  But although all of the teachers are extremely informative, Bob Proctor did something to me. He made me believe in myself in a way no one else did.

Proctor said simple statistics that made me want more. He stated that 3% of the world’s population earn 97% of the world’s generated income.

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Now resonated on that for a moment…

That is exactly what I did, I analyzed that equation.  Hmmm!!

Here it is… Teach me!!!!


I am willing to be the student and learn how to become an individual to earn 97% of the worlds generated income. What I gotta do?

Well I personally studied anything that my new mentor was teaching I learned. He was considered my new mentor because he was the only person who stretched my mind. Stretched my mind in a quantum way, to believe that I can be a 3%er!

Belief, not in a political way but in a spiritual growing way.  I truly looked in the mirror and said you’ve been duped! If that is even a word. But you get the gist, RIGHT?


I’ve grown so much since being introduced to Bob Proctor. Ever since that moment in 2007 I’ve been a customer to all his material. All of his products are life changing.

Well they personally changed my life in a  completely better way. I am attracted to learning. Its my human nature to do so.

But once I realized there was a formula and universal laws to abide by. My spirit took off confident in steps to become great.

If you are willing to take a quantum leap and change your life for the better, click the link below.

The Six Minutes to Success program will improve your life in multiple ways. Click Now!!! Basically any goal you want to attain with study and application you will succeed.

The program emails you a video everyday with valuable information. The video only lasts six minutes, which is flexible for today’s lifestyles.

Therefore the success for your improvement is high because dedicating six minutes a day is reachable.

You can do it, if you study and apply.

But the question is…

How serious are you wanting to change?

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You can change your life in a major way, by making one decision. Here are all of Bob Proctors life coaching programs from least price to greater price.

Six Minutes to Success

Streaming Club

Magic in your Mind

All of theses programs are truly informative for a successful development.

Thank you



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